Father’s Day with the Conleys

Fathers Day Connely's

JAMMING: Father and son Mark and Bryan Conley jam together on the upright bass and banjo. (Pioneer photo/Devin Anderson)

BIG RAPIDS ㅡ Playing music is the passion of many and it’s a great way to spend time with friends. For some, music can be a way to maintain a strong familial bond.

Mark and Bryan Conley are the father-son duo behind Quinn’s Music Store. Mark has owned Quinn’s for more than 25 years and Bryan started helping out around the store at age 14. Now, he’s the store manager.

Around that same age, Bryan started playing around with a bass at a New Year’s Eve party. Mark, seeing an opportunity, pulled out his banjo.

“I told him to play here on this string and there on that string and took off from there,” Mark said, miming and humming the bass line.

Mark and Bryan have played music together numerous times over the years. They’re planning a family bike ride for this Sunday’s Father’s Day celebration.

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