ERIC JEFFERIES: We’re not in Kansas anymore

To the editor:

Matt awakes Monday morning anticipating his first date with Jill.  During dinner, Jill says her name used to be Bill.

It’s Monday mourning in America.

Somewhere under the rainbow illuminated White House, our President tweets about mans’ “courage” with a “you go girl.”  To borrow Dorothy’s line from 1939 – “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

In Dorothy’s day, these events were beyond reason.  Today, we’re a step away from Canada, where it’s illegal to publish LGBT dissent – “marriage” expands, “free speech” contracts, and freedom of religion is taken as seriously as the “right to life.” 

“Netherland” is translated “low land” for its geography; morally, it became the first nation in recorded history to experiment with same-sex marriage – 14 years ago.  Our Supreme Court is forecasting positive long term trends and obligating all States to join the homosexual-marriage test-tube.

Women’s’ voting rights required a Constitutional amendment needing hundreds of bipartisan votes representing two-thirds of the nation.  Same-sex marriage couldn’t do that, so it piggybacked on the 14th amendment – requiring only five Supreme Court Justices – all from Democratic states. 

The 14th amendment was enacted after the Civil War and includes one sentence about “due process” and “equal protection” (DPEP.)  After DPEP, sodomy remained a felony in every state – 94 years.  That didn’t stop our high Court from writing 103 pages about why one sentence intended to protect former slaves makes same-sex marriage Constitutional.

DPEP has been raped of its original intent to conceive any right a simple majority of the Supreme Court wants to father.  Same-sex marriage is clearly as Constitutional as a mother’s right to kill her unborn – also discovered in our bottomless 14th amendment.

What can be done about a rogue court playing fast and loose with the 14th amendment?  If only we could ask one of the millions taken in the wake of Roe and had their body parts sold by Planned Parenthood.          

Same-sex marriage has been called America’s spiritual 9/11.  Numbers have meaning – 9/11 and 911 was a glaring irony.

Is the Supreme Court giving us our first taste of 666?

6/26/2003 – Lawrence v. Texas – Abolished sodomy laws.

6/26/2013 – U.S. v. Windsor – Abolished section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act.

6/26/2015 – Obergefell v. Hodges – Abolished laws prohibiting same-sex marriage.

A speculation not inconsistent with John’s Revelation – “This calls for wisdom.  If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man’s number.  His number is 666.”  What can a nation expect that proudly homogenizes homosexuality with holy matrimony?

Apparently, the Bible has a 14th amendment equivalent – ministers increasingly find creative reasons to bless homosexuality – even though every mention, without exception, from Genesis to Revelation, is condemned.

Jesus’ first public message began with the word “repent.”  Saying I’m “born this way” doesn’t help when the Creator is saying “be born again.”  God’s faithful to replace our old life with something better – it’s the only way to arrive at a place with no mourning.

Believe the rainbow Maker.

Eric Jefferies

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