Police find no signs of Tiegen

EVART — The search is still on for Evart resident Donald Garry Tiegen, 60, whose vehicle was found in the waters of the Muskegon River on Sunday morning.

According to Michigan State Police Sgt. Kim Vetter on Tuesday, there are no updates on the situation. The canine units have been called off and the dive team is finishing their search in and around the riverbank.

“There’s no indication that he’s been there,” Vetter said. “The investigation is ongoing and nothing is ruled out until we find him.”

Early investigation found that a 2003 GMC Yukon had been driven into the river from Tiegen’s private yard. Troopers were unable to contact the resident and neighbors had not seen him in recent days. The last contact he had with family was Saturday by phone. Family members advised law enforcement officials that Tiegen is in poor health and may be disoriented or confused.

Individuals with any information about Tiegen’s whereabouts are asked to call 911.


Posted by Karin Armbruster

Karin is the reporter for Osceola County’s Herald Review. She is the coordinator of the Health page, which runs in the weekend edition of the Pioneer. She can be reached by phone at (231) 592-8382 or by e-mail at karmbruster@pioneergroup.com.

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