Area residents share their New Year’s Resolutions

BIG RAPIDS — The tradition of New Year’s resolutions stretches far back into antiquity. Babylonians would make promises to their gods at the beginning of the year to return borrowed goods and repay debts. Romans would make promises to the god Janus, the linguistic origin of January, to start every new year.

Now, people use the New Year to set out on journeys of self-discovery and self-improvement. Some area residents will commit to losing weight, while others will promise to be more involved in their community. Others still will refrain from making any resolutions, sometimes because they perceive the entire concept as ineffective.

The Pioneer took to the streets to talk with Big Rapids residents about what they hope to accomplish with the coming year. There was very little interest in paying respects to ancient Babylonian gods. But, a number of residents did have plans for improving their community and their lives in 2016.

Several Ferris State University students, such as David Dantuma  and Lilly Ruell  will work to make 2016 a banner year, committing to a goal of a 4.0 GPA in their studies of criminal justice and a double-major in biomed and music, respectively.

Other residents, like City Commissioner Tom Hogenson would rather commit to doing as much as possible toward improving the community, rather than committing to a specific set of goals. Committing to a cause rather than a specific end allows people to succeed in their resolutions and prevents them from becoming discouraged, he said.

Some residents, such as Maddy Prusakiewicz believe that each day is a new opportunity for self-improvement and committing to a specific resolution for New Year’s puts unnecessary pressure on an individual. Instead, Prusakiewicz tries to grow as a person every day.



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