OMG! It snowed in Michigan!

Monday afternoon and evening, the first real annoying winter storm swept through our area.

To date, the winter of 2015-16 has been surprisingly mild. Still, most folks living in our immediate area should realize snowy and blowy weather does actually occur at this time of year.

Instead, and amazingly enough, too many folks seem to be simply stunned when snow, freezing rain and wintry mix conditions occur.

Witness if you will the number of spin-outs, slide-offs, doughnuts and fender-benders that generally accompany the first winter storm — or just about any winter weather, for that matter.

Far too many of our friends and neighbors are far too worried about driving in sometimes sketchy conditions. They hit the road heading for town, white knuckling it the entire way while driving 15 to 20 mph along M-20 or Northland Drive with traffic backing up and semi-trucks snuffling almost to a stop in order to avoid climbing up a passenger car’s rear end.

The simple fact is this: Driving too fast for conditions is dangerous, but driving too slow for conditions can be equally and frighteningly dangerous as well.

Driving to conditions means just that. It does not mean under-driving in already difficult conditions.

For those worried about winter driving, there are solutions for getting around the area. Big Rapids and both Mecosta and Osceola counties have public transportation systems. With a minimal amount of planning, worried drivers can leave their cars at home and be driven almost anywhere they may need to go.

In a crunch, friends, family and neighbors more often than not will be more than willing to lend a hand and offer a ride to an appointment that can’t be missed or changed. There are good neighbors throughout our area.

Please remember, as winter finally sets in there are going to be more tough days out on our area highways and byways.

Please drive carefully, and drive to conditions. 

Not too fast, but not too slow either. Both can be very problematic on slick roadways.

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