LINDA TRAVIS: Encourage a ‘No’ vote on Senate Bill 776

To the editor:

I respectfully urge all voters of the 102nd State Representative District, a seat held by Phil Potvin, to contact Representative Potvin ( and ask him to vote “NO” on Senate Bill 776.

Basically, SB 776 is designed to severely restrict Michigan citizens of their Michigan Constitutional right to petition to initiate legislation for placement on the 2016 November ballot and future ballots. By limiting petition signature collection to a strict 180 days, the ability to obtain over 250,000 signatures is essentially hampered. Some times over 350,000 signatures are needed. Both numbers are monumental tasks when handled by volunteers.

The Michigan Constitution allows signature collection during the “term” of a seated Governor. That would be four years. If and when our Michigan legislative representatives fail to respond to the citizenry, the right to petition and place legislation on the ballot for acceptance and/or rejection by the public is crucial. 

 Please contact Representative Potvin and ask him to vote “NO” to preserve your Constitutionally democratic rights. 

Linda Travis


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