WILLIAM BONNING: Crees’ column is the worst

To the editor:

Jim Crees, your article, “Oh, We are in trouble” in the June 29, edition of the Pioneer is the worst I’ve ever read.

I will be 94 years old this year. I have always received two daily newspapers and voted in every local, state and national election for the past 72 years.

I have voted both Democrat and Republican. I voted by absentee ballot of F.D.R. while in the armed forces during WWII!!.

Trump has got you right where he wants you!

Fear! Like Adolf Hitler with the German people. 

Trump changes his opinion constantly. He lies continuously about Hillary Clinton that he even has you believing it!

Trump also changes his mind where the USA should go constantly.

You say there will be deadlock whoever gets elected – Clinton or Trump.

You’re wrong!

They said the same about President Barack Obama, who after seven years got much done.

Trump’s says he “will make America great again.” When was America not great?!

You have a bunch of dumb Americans out there because of fear – including you!

William Bonning

Big Rapids

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