Taking a stroll with a professional

Submitted by Spectrum Health

BIG RAPIDS — To promote exercise and a healthy lifestyle, Spectrum Health professionals are inviting community members to join them for a lunchtime walk every Tuesday, starting Sept. 6.

“As health care professionals, we should be walking the walk when it comes to exercise and healthy lifestyle choices,” said Scott Lombard, director of community engagement at Spectrum Health Big Rapids and Reed City Hospitals. “Not everyone wants to take a walk on their lunch hour, but when you know someone else is joining you, it becomes more enjoyable.”

Walking can improve general health by lowering cholesterol, helping with weight loss, lowering blood pressure and boosting self-esteem. Walk with a Professional will take place from noon until 1 p.m. on Tuesdays starting Sept. 6, going for six weeks until Oct. 11.

Walkers will meet at River Street Park, near Riverview Elementary close to Spectrum Health Big Rapids Hospital. Walkers will wait for a few minutes and then head down the trail toward Hemlock Park. Walks will be informal and last no more than an hour.

“These walks are a great opportunity for community members to get fast answers to general health questions or just learn about something new,” Lombard said. “Each health professional will serve as a resource and will be open to discussion or questions about aspects of their profession.”

The following health professionals will be walking on the following dates:

n Tuesday, Sept. 6, Thirumal Vanteru, Rehabilitation Manager

n Tuesday, Sept. 13, Lori King, Diabetes Educator

n Tuesday, Sept. 20, Marta Johnson, Dietician

n Tuesday, Sept. 27, Erin Young, MD from Big Rapids Family Medicine

n Tuesday, Oct. 4, Barbara Battle, Social Worker

n Tuesday, Oct. 11, Tom Knoerl, Chief Financial Officer

Registration is not required and events may be canceled for inclement weather. For more information, call (231) 592-4207.

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