Be extra careful this holiday season

So… we’re off and running!

The Christmas holiday season has begun and folks are gearing (some more, some less) up for a month of fun, fellowship and activity.

Without meaning to put any kind of damper on the festivities, we would remind our friends, families and readers there are a lot of potential problems that can be pretty easily avoided with a healthy dose of common sense.

We hope all our readers will be extra careful this year.

  • Holiday decorating – It is far too easy to fall and get hurt while hanging boughs of holly and Christmas lights. Take it easy. Plan ahead. And don’t work alone.
  • Christmas plants — Many, many traditional Christmas plants are not good for children, pets or anyone for that matter. Think twice before turning your home into a seasonal floral extravaganza with grandkids on the way.
  • Electrical sockets / extension cords — Everyone, but EVERYONE uses far too many extension cords and taxes “exhausted” electric sockets at this time of year. Don’t ask for trouble.
  • Open fireplaces — We know they’re beautiful on a cold snowy night, but take time and place into careful consideration… especially with kids around
  • Home cooking fires — The majority of all holiday fires start in the kitchen. Do we really need exhaustive days worth of cooking to prove something to someone?
  • Christmas tree fires — A tree doesn’t need to be collapsing under the weight of electric cords and fairy lights. Keep it simple. Isn’t this obvious?
  • Home heating fires — Watch where you place the tree, presents and all sort of decorations with regard to heating registers and blower outlets. Things heat up, dry up and burn up faster than you can imagine.
  • Outside — Dress for the weather, whether cutting the holiday tree, hiking in a quiet woods, or skiing and sledding. There is nothing like frostbite or hypothermia to ruin any winter vacation.

This is all stuff that’s been said again, and again, and again.

In short, please be careful this holiday season.

And have a Merry Christmas time of year.

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