JAMES ROBERTS: Three wishes for my Trump-voting neighbors

To the editor,

We do not live in a mean-spirited community. That is why I am confident that although Mr. Trump won the presidential vote in our county, most of those who voted for him did so not because they admire the personal qualities for which he has received so much attention and criticism, but in spite of them.

Mr. Trump portrayed himself as someone who had heard the fears and concerns of many who feel left behind by the direction our economy has taken over the past 35 years. More importantly, he offered himself as a candidate who understood those fears and concerns, and who would, if elected, address them.

Although much of his rhetoric has been vague, he has certainly suggested that his goal of “making America great again” includes bringing back to middle America much of our lost industrial base, along with the good wages and benefits that went with it. He has also stated that he will replace “Obamacare” with something better.

It is certainly true that much of the economic distress in “the Rust Belt” is due to the fact that we don’t make things any more. It is also true that when it comes to healthcare, we can do way better than the compromise boondoggle that the Affordable Care Act became from the moment it arrived on the congressional doorstep. So my first wish is that Mr. Trump and the Republican Party succeed in making good on both these promises.

My second wish is that all those who voted out of hope that these things will be done, will pay attention over the next two years to see whether they actually ARE done. Mr. Trump’s past record seems to indicate that people he deals with end up, more often than not, on the short end of the stick. Only time will tell whether that will include the folks who have just voted for him. In any case, the GOP will now have control of all three branches of government; for the next two years, no one else can take credit for any successes, and there is no one else to blame for any failures.

My third wish is that, if and when the promises turn out to have been not much more than a lot of hot air designed to win your vote, you will consider not rewarding the same people with another vote of confidence in 2018 and 2020.

Mr. Trump and the GOP have promised solutions to serious problems in our part of the country. I hope they will deliver, and I hope that we, the voters, will be paying close attention to whether or not they do.

James Roberts

Big Rapids

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