BURMEISTER: Reader supports reporters’ efforts to inform public


In the early 1900s, investigative reporters who were often referred to as “muckrakers” did the “dirty work” that made our nation a better place for everyone. They dug for facts, scratched for information, and followed every leak and lead and they TOLD THE TRUTH.

These reporters (the media of their day) were hated by corrupt politicians, crooked bankers and greedy landlords. Employers who mistreated their workers had no use for those reporters who exposed horrible working conditions and less than fair pay.

The muckrakers changed our country by exposing illegal and/or harmful behavior. They forced the issues of safety in the workplace and a livable wage for workers. They made many enemies, some in high places, but they made America a better place for honest hard-working people. They used the hard work of finding the truth and the power of the pen.

Our new President has made it clear that he hates most reporters. Apparently he thinks the press is the enemy. He says the media tells fake news. Meanwhile, he provides “alternative facts.” The media is NOT our enemy. In fact, when reporters expose the leaks and mistakes made by government, they are making sure that we have the facts as to what is happening behind closed doors. They are the “watchdogs” who keep us informed.

America needs them.

In fact, we may need them more now than our grandparents needed the muckrakers back in 1900.

I say THANK YOU to the media. Keep your eyes and ears open and continue to do your job.

Nancy Burmeister

Big Rapids

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