Jazz to sooth at Pocket Park

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BIG RAPIDS — The sounds of smooth jazz and upbeat pop will sooth concert-goers ears as the Randy Groves Jazz Quartet performs at Pocket Park.

The band, which was created four years ago, will perform from noon to 2 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 25.

“Jazz is really complex to play,” said Randy Groves, vocalist and guitarist. “It’s more difficult and more interesting than most genres.”

The band has performed at Pocket Park a handful of times, and the live performances of their original songs makes the practicing worth it, Groves said.

Along with standard jazz music, Randy Groves Jazz Quartet also performs covers, such as songs by The Beatles.

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“If I didn’t play for others, it wouldn’t feel like a reality,” he said. “Music has to be heard. If I didn’t play in front of people, it wouldn’t be as fulfilling.”

Groves fell in love with playing jazz music on his guitar while attending Ferris State University. He put the guitar down while attending graduate school, where he majored in philosophy.

It wasn’t until he saw another band needed a guitar player who could read music did he decided to jump back in to performing.

“When I finished college, I thought, I already have a guitar so I might as well keep it up,” Groves said.

The genre is more challenging than the others he plays, such as Irish music, because it blends other sounds like blues and Latin.

Jazz also offers musicians more opportunities to improvise and improve their sound, despite being more difficult, Groves said.

“To improvise, you have to know how music is composed and cords are built,” he said. “You improvise by analyzing the music and knowing the structures and make choices based off that. It’s incredibly interesting and exciting to do.”


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