Trapping seminar attracts high number

MECOSTA — One way to get ready for trapping seasons is by attending seminars and listening to what the experts have to say.

That’s what happened earlier this month with the seminar at the Mecosta County Rod & Gun Club.

Carl Meissner and Joe Pugleise, trappers and members of the club, were organizers of the second annual event. Around 60 individuals attended the six-hour seminar.

The seminar targeted trapping muskrats, beaver, raccoons coyote and foxes. There was a heavy emphasis on trapping safety, plus fur handling, with trappers learning how to properly take care of the animal after catching it. DNR wildlife biologist Pete Kailing and conservation officer Bran Lebel were among the attendees.

The trapping season is going to be about the same at last year, Messiner said, noting most of the trappers at the seminar were more involved in the activity as a sport, rather than an emphasis in making money.

The number of trappers has stayed about the same, Meissner added.

“Mostly, it’s the challenge and to be a steward of the land so the raccoons don’t do damage to the waterfowl nest and eggs and spread disease,” Meissner said. “Plus, coyotes prey on fawns and we want to keep that predation down.”

Raccoons, beavers and coyotes are among the top targets for trappers, Meissner indicated.

He’s been trapping for five years and said he got involved through a friend.

“I enjoy being outdoors,” Meissner, a Barryton resident, said. “Water trapping starts something like Nov. 1. We’re out when the weather is good or bad.”

More than half of the attendees were new to trapping and 30 were kids, Meissner said. They all learned a lot at the seminar, he added.

Carl Meissner


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