Evart ice fisherman enjoying success

Paul Higgins

EVART — Evart’s Paul Higgins is among the area’s most active fishermen and that includes during the ice fishing season.

It’s why Higgins, like other avid fishermen, is looking forward to getting colder weather so ice surfaces become more solid and allow him to do more fishing.

“I would think once it gets cold, it should be OK.” Higgins, also Evart’s girls basketball coach, said. “I tried to get out Monday. I went to Clare on a small body of water. One hit with a spud and it went right through. I didn’t hit it hard. So I said, ‘OK, I’m out of here.’ There was probably three inches of that slush and it started to freeze. Then there was maybe an inch of ice.

“A couple of good cold nights should really help, as long as we don’t get anymore snow.”

Higgins and others anticipate good ice fishing conditions if it gets cold. But they don’t want to see more snow.



Posted by John Raffel

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