Local chambers work on mobile apps

The Mecosta County Area Chamber of Commerce is working on a mobile application which will provide users with business listings and coupons, local news and events and other features. (Courtesy photos)


BIG RAPIDS — Local chambers of commerce have started the new year by jumping into the world of mobile devices. The Mecosta County Area Chamber of Commerce and the Reed City Area Chamber of Commerce have been working on a mobile application for their respective communities.

The Mecosta County Area Chamber of Commerce has partnered with zCivic, a division of Bar-Z Mobile Development, to develop and produce a mobile app for Mecosta County and Big Rapids, according to a press release.

“We feel a mobile app is a necessity in today’s mobile world,” said Executive Director Jennifer Heinzman. “With people online an average of 5 to 6 hours a day, we need to be where they are.”

The new Big Rapids and Mecosta County area app hopes to provide information for residents, businesses and visitors with multimedia business listings, coupons and deals, social media integration, news, events and interactive features, the release says. The app will promote the chamber with feature articles, images and videos, GPS navigation, shop local programs and digital loyalty cards. The app also will promote the benefits of living in the area and inform visitors and citizens of upcoming events, local news and announcements.

The Reed City Area Chamber of Commerce recently launched its mobile app. The app provide users with information about upcoming events, job opportunities, local news and more.

“The app will benefit the entire community and will allow users a one-stop shop for all things Mecosta County,” Heinzman said.

The app will be available soon.

Another app promoting a local community recently was launched by the Reed City Area Chamber of Commerce.

Community members and visitors can search for “Reed City Chamber” in their mobile app store and download the free application. The app is designed to provide general information regarding events, sales, job opportunities, local news and other important happenings in the community, according to the app’s welcome page.

App users can find a list of local businesses and chamber members can upload content such as press releases, classifieds and events to keep the community informed.


Posted by Meghan Gunther-Haas

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