Barryton treasurer, public works director suspected of misusing village funds

BARRYTON — Suspected inappropriate use of funds by the Barryton treasurer and department of public works director led to their suspensions Tuesday evening.

Jennifer and Chad Lindsey, who are married, were both suspended at a special council meeting on Tuesday.

James Soriano, village president of Barryton, said he discovered some financial irregularities and began investigating, which ultimately led to the suspensions.

“I came across some things and will soon be meeting with law enforcement regarding this matter,” Soriano said. “We will have to have a forensic audit done.”

At the meeting, Chad was terminated after being suspended, while Jennifer remains suspended without pay pending the outcome of an investigation.

Soriano said Chad worked in maintenance for the village since approximately 2010, while Jennifer has been the clerk-treasurer since about 2013.

While waiting for the investigation, the village is basically shut down, Soriano explained.

“We need to have the forensic audit done and to keep that unaltered I took all keys to the village office where our computer is and turned the keys over to the Barryton police chief,” he said. “Until we can get the data backed up and the records analyzed, we can’t do certain tasks that need to get done. Hopefully, the audit will be soon so we can get back to business as usual.”

The duo has not been criminally charged.


Posted by Emily Grove

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