Turkey hunter predicts strong season

Mike Lyons

MECOSTA — Mike Lyons is a Mecosta County resident and avid turkey hunter anxious to get the turkey hunting season started.

It begins on Monday, April 23, with the first season. The second season is April 30 to May 6 and the third season is the rest of May.

“It’s starting to look good,” he said, coming into the season. “I’ve seen some pretty big toms starting to strut around the area. Beyond that, there hasn’t been a whole lot.”

Lyons said the most fun of turkey hunting depends on which season the hunter will be participating.

“For some hunts, it’s calling them, but other for hunts it’s trying to outsmart the toms,” he said.” I’ve seen birds on and off.”

Lyons also bagged a 5-point buck the opening day of deer season.

“I like turkey hunting but it’s a bit more challenging,” he said. “Almost all my toms I’ve gotten in the first hunt. The last tom I got on the first hunt had a 10-inch beard on him and weighed 25 pounds, which is a big tom.”



Posted by John Raffel

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