Barryton club holding shooting competition

BARRYTON — The Barryton Conservation club is holding shooting competition every Thursday and Sunday this spring for a Chippewa Hills Warriors League.

“We’re in about the fourth week l think,” club president Dennis Cummings said.

The shoots start 5 p.m. on Thursday and 2 p.m. on Sunday.

“It’s two different groups,” Cummings said. “One group does sports so they shoot on Sundays and the other group shoots on Thursday. It’s not the same group all the time.”

The age range centers on high school students at Chippewa Hills.

“We have 17 kids that are signed up,” Cummings said. “Five of them are girls. It comes under a national organization and at the end of the night, the scores go into a computer.’

Tony Calabrese is heading up the league, in its first year at Chippewa Hills, Cummings said.

“Mothers Day weekend, we have a horseshoe tournament,” Cummings said.



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