Wickens looking forward to upcoming seasons

Marshall Wickens

TUSTIN — Tustin’s Marshall Wickens is a long-time outdoorsman, who is hoping, like other sportsmen, hunting season in 2018 will be very successful.

He’s not sure his schedule will allow him to be out during the ongoing turkey season, but indicated if he is out, it will be for the ongoing third season in May.

“For the winter, we had the cold December and then the late spring,” Wickens said. “January and February were kind of soft. But the winter was long. I think we are all ready for spring.”

In terms of wildlife survival during the winter, “I don’t have official information,” Wickens said. “My impression is probably they did OK because we had enough breaks during the winter. We didn’t have sustained cold or sustained deep snow. We had a couple of thaws during the winter. I’m sure the deer came through fine. I can’t tell you if the turkeys came through or not.”’

Wickens said he tends to emphasize on target shooting and dog training during the summer.

“Those will be my next things,” he said. “By fall, I’ll be getting ready for waterfowl hunting and deer hunting again.”

Wickens said the Marion Rod & Gun Club will host a side-by-side gun shoot on Saturday, July 28.

“That’s an annual thing,” he said. “It seems like it’s growing every year.”



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