BRHS seniors receive awards during scholastic evening

Big Rapids High School seniors collect their National Honor Society stoles and pause for a photo during the 2018 Senior Scholastic Awards Evening on Thursday. (Pioneer photo/Meghan Gunther-Haas)

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BIG RAPIDS — Big Rapids High School seniors inched closer to crossing the stage for graduation during the Senior Scholastic Awards Evening on Thursday.

Throughout the event, students were recognized by BRHS staff and community members and received certificates, stoles and more, then lined the auditorium stage to give parents a moment for photos. The evening was one of the soon-to-be graduates’ final events before commencement, beginning at 2 p.m. on Sunday, June 3.

The 2018 Senior Scholastic Awards Evening recognitions included:


President’s Educational Award (Top 10): Ryan Cosper, Alyssa Douglass, Ryan Draves, Katherine Langell, Eric Mackall, Brook Mathewson, Kalina Mohnke, Jessica Norton, Arya Rao and Joseph Vajda

Citizenship: Caitlyn Bomay and Ryan Kesting

CSAA All Academic Students: Austin Arquette, Jake Balliet, Caitlyn Bomay, Hailey Brock, Ciara Brown, Justin Cook, Ryan Cosper, Jasnain Dhaliwal, Ryan Draves, Eli Dutko, Julie Farrier, Zofia Freiberg, Oliver Hazewinkel, James Hundersmarck, Ryan Kesting, Joanne Lechiile, Jackson Lund, Leah Maginnis, Brook Mathewson, Connor McAdams, James McMullen, Sean McMullen, Zachary Molnar, James Morgan, Leah Morningstar, Katie Myers, Brianna Pedigo, Morgan Pippin, Rory Quist, Arya Rao, Kaitlyn Ray, Aaron Repke, Ellen Steffens, Halle Stork, Katherine Tetsworth, Joseph Vajda, Kelsey Walch, Ethan Westerkamp and John Yonker

National Honor Society Graduation Stoles: Ciara Brown, Alyssa Douglass, Julie Farrier, Christina Hatfield, James Hundersmarck, Joanne Lechiile, Eric Mackall, Brook Mathewson, Kalina Mohnke, Jeremy Molnar, Zachary Molnar, Jessica Norton, Morgan Pippin, Arya Rao, Katherine Tetsworth, Joseph Vajda and John Yonker

National Merit Scholarship: Ryan Draves, commended; Ryan Cosper, semi-finalist; and Arya Rao, finalist (scholarship)

Senior Scholars: Lillian Brady, Ciara Brown, Justin Cook, Ryan Cosper, Jasnain Dhaliwal, Ryan Draves, Eli Dutko, Zofia Freiberg, Christina Hatfield, Oliver Hazewinkel, Christopher Inosencio, Katherine Langell, Eric Mackall, Brook Mathewson, Robert Mills, Kalina Mohnke, Jeremy Molnar, James Morgan, Arya Rao, Joseph Vajda and Dayne Weber

TV 9 & 10 Best of the Class: Arya Rao


Fine Arts Awards: Caleb Price, visual arts; Arya Rao, vocal music; James McCullen, instrumental music; Rory Quist, theatrical arts; and Eric Mackall, excellence in the arts

Industrial Arts Awards: Halle Stork and Dylan Yeager

Language Arts Awards: Jasnain Dhaliwal, Ryan Draves, Arya Rao and Joseph Vajda

Math Awards: Ryan Cosper, Jasnain Dhaliwal, Ryan Draves, Arya Rao and Joseph Vajda

Physical Education Awards: Jaiven Holmes-Powell and Halle Stork

Science Awards: Ryan Cosper, Jasnain Dhaliwal, Morgan Pippin and Arya Rao

Social Studies Awards: Jasnain Dhaliwal and Joseph Vajda

World Language Award: Katie Myers


MOCC Awards: Bradley Benzing, Caleb Clark, Ryan Crosby, Ashley Davis, George Dennis, Bianca Flores, Adam Frisbie, Emily Hanna, Zane Hardy, Langston Hughes, Kyle Humphreys, Alexis Jackson, Damon Jones, Zadey Kazmirski, Ryan Kesting, Devan Langworthy, Leah Maginnis, Sean McMullen, David Miedema, Brandi Morris, Deanna Pantelin, Brianna Pedigo, Erin Pressley, Matthew Spicer, Walker Sutton, Connor Vennix, Jeffrey Warner, Temarya Watkins, Matthew Welch, Jacob Wolf, Dylan Yeager and Parker Younge


U.S. Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award: Kaitlyn Ray

U.S. Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence: Eli Dutko

U.S. Marine Corp Scholastic Excellence Award: Ryan Draves


MHSAA Scholar Athlete Awards: Jackson Lund, Brook Mathweson, Connor McAdams, Morgan Pippin, Arya Rao, Kaitlyn Ray, Aaron Repke and John Yonker

Terri Marsh/Sports Boosters Awards: Austin Arquette and Brook Mathewson

Michigan High School Coaches Association Scholarship: Jackson Lund


AFSCME Local 1609 of Ferris State University Scholarship — $500: Austin Arquette

Anonymous Scholarship — $1,000: Caitlyn Bomay

BRHS Alumni Association — $1,000 each: Austin Arquette and Haley Geib

BR Lions Club/Richard C. Donley — $1,000 each: Ciara Brown and Brook Mathewson

BR Rotary International College Scholarship — $2,000/$500 per year: Brook Mathewson

Brookside Elementary PTO Scholarship — $300 each: Haley Geib and Harris Neill

Ferris Faculty Association: Leah Maginnis

Susan Jennings — $500: Jayla Strickland

W.C. Judson — $1,000: Hailey Brock

MI Association of Retired School Personnel — $1,000: Ryan Cosper

Mid-MI Community College Admissions Award — $1,000: Brooke DuBois

Shamrock Invitational Golf Outing Scholarship — $1,000: Kalina Mohnke

STAGE-M Senior Scholarship — $500 each: Eric Mackall and Rory Quist


Alice Stephenson Schuberg — $1,100: Brook Mathewson

Babb Ford — $500: Ryan Draves

Barry Barratt — $1,000: Kalina Mohnke

Class of 1974 Linda Willette Scholarship — $725: Hailey Brock

Jerome A. Conrad Family Scholarship — $1,000: Arya Rao

Dr. Jerome & Mrs. Rita Conrad Scholarship — $600: Brook Mathewson

Noah Stauffer Scholarship — $1,000: Zofia Freiberg

Jacob & Gertrude Van Dyke Scholarship — $1,150 each: Kalina Mohnke and Arya Rao

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