Dozens compete in Ag Olympics

Four-H’ers and their families crowded around the show arena on Wednesday to hear the instructions for the annual Ag Olympics. This year’s games included an obstacle course, with a variety of farm-themed challenges, and an ice cream eating contest. At one of the many stations, competitors stacked “hay bales,” wooden blocks. (Pioneer photos/Meghan Gunther-Haas)

Using squirt guns, competitors used jets of water to coral spotted balloons into a pen. They then closed the gate to the pen before rushing to the next challenge and tagging their teammates.

Four-H’ers, and some family members, participated in the obstacle course. At one station, competitors dug through water beads to find rubber farm animals. They needed to find a duck, pig and cow before they could move on to the next challenge.

At the final station, one team member would stand in a small pool and hold an inflatable ring over their heads. Another participant would attempt to toss sponges through the hole in the ring to hit their teammate.

To begin the obstacle course, participants bounced from the starting point and through a maze of beach balls before reaching their first station.

After the obstacle course, 4-H’ers competed in an ice cream eating contest. The person who volunteered to eat the ice cream could not use their hands during the competition.


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