Senior Salute: Nathan Seaman

Nathan Seaman

BIG RAPIDS — Big Rapids tennis player Nathan Seaman found himself in an unique situation this season.

Seaman is the lone senior on a Cardinals roster consisting of mostly freshman.

It’s a stark contrast to last season’s group, which was senior-heavy.

“It’s different,” Seaman said. “I got taken straight from the middle of the lineup last year to the top this year. I’m used to being surrounded by people that are better than me. Now we have a lot of new people. They’re doing well; a lot of them are super athletic.”

He was thrust into a leadership unexpected role, but Seaman has acclimated himself well.

“I feel like I’m a role model now whereas last year I was a younger player,” he said. “I played on an old team last year with 10 seniors and this year it’s been the opposite. Everybody’s new and look to you to learn how to play the right way.”

Seaman’s goals for this season are simple, yet attainable.

“I just hope we play very well and try our best. We’re just trying to move forward and get better every day.”

Fun Facts:

Favorite Food: I love pizza. My favorite is pepperoni, mushrooms, and sausage.”

Favorite School Subject: “Probably math. I just find it interesting to do different things and see how they relate to the world.”

Favorite Sport: Tennis.

Favorite Athlete: Serena Williams.

Favorite Music Genre: Contemporary Pop.

Historical Figure He’d Like To Meet: “Henry Ford was really interesting. He was one of the first big company owners to make his product affordable for his workers. He was a pretty cool guy.”

Best Movie He’s Seen: “The best movie I’ve seen recently is probably Avangers: Infinity War.”

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