Three Girls Bakery to offer bigger selection after license change

Three Girls Bakery in Big Rapids serves coffee, baked goods, quiche and other small food items at its downtown location, but if a change in their food service license is approved by the state and district health department, they will be able to offer customers a wider variety of food. Head bakers with the business hope the license change process will be complete within the next week, allowing them to roll out their new menu items. (Pioneer photo/Taylor Fussman)

BIG RAPIDS — While area residents may be familiar with the sweet treats available at Three Girls Bakery in Big Rapids, people will soon be able to enjoy much more than cookies and muffins at this downtown shop.

Rachel Baker, one of the head bakers at Three Girls Bakery, explained the business is in the process of altering their food service license to allow them to sell a wider variety of food to customers than they have been able to in the past.

“We are expanding the menu for our lunch and breakfast and adding lots of new items,” she said.

Another head baker with the shop, Paula Beilfuss, explained in order to make the change to their license to serve more food options, they had to apply through the state and district health department. She noted the process, which began approximately one week ago, required a design layout of the business and an explanation of the planned changes to be submitted to these agencies.

Beilfuss said Three Girls Bakery is prepared for the change, and is hoping to have officials with the state and district health department out to do a final inspection of the space and equipment and to approve the license change within the next week.

She said after the final walk-through inspection takes place, they expect the license change to be approved, allowing them to start serving the new selection of menu options right away.

“It’s an expansion on what we already do,” Baker said. “It’ll help bring people in and give them more variety.

Baker said the new items to be added to the menu have not been finalized but may include meals such as flatbread pizza and additional breakfast food.

She added the license change is essentially moving up one level from what Three Girls Bakery had before, allowing them to serve more than baked goods, quiche and other small food options.

“We love being downtown and we want people to feel welcome when they walk in and happy and full when they walk out,” Beilfuss said.


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