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BIG RAPIDS — While she spends much of her reading time perusing psychological thrillers, Ashley O’Neil is finding a lot to enjoy from Nora Roberts’ “Year One,” which is different what she is used to.


O’Neil, of Paris, said this story is the first book in “The Chronicles of The One” series.

PIONEER: What is the book about?

O’NEIL: It’s like a zombie book, but it’s about the flu virus going around. People start dying after they begin experiencing the symptoms.

PIONEER: What do you like about the book so far?

O’NEIL: I just started the book. There’s not been any surprises. It all started with a crow dropping blood on a sacred spot.

PIONEER: What made you decide to read the book?

O’NEIL: It was a Christmas gift.

PIONEER: Would you recommend it to others?

O’NEIL: Yes. I am looking forward to reading the entire series.


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