Reed City officials discussing marijuana ordinance

REED CITY — Reed City is joining many other municipalities across the state which are determining their paths of regulating recreational marijuana establishments.


Council members previously directed the city attorney to prepare an ordinance for the city, and it is expected to be looked at again during their meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 22.

The ordinance being worked out aims for the city to opt out, meaning no marijuana businesses will be operating, said City Manager Ron Howell.

“We need to get (the ordinance) in place before the state officially adopts its rules,” he said. “A community can at any time in the future decide to opt in. There is that opportunity available to them.”

Howell said Richmond Township officials have decided to opt in and create its own ordinance and regulations, and a planned growing operation is slated at the former airport building property in the future.

The operation in the township as well as throughout the state will be watched close by council members and Howell.

“We will all watch what will happen because there’s always been this discussion about all this additional tax revenue that will be coming to these communities if they decide to opt in,” he said. “I think council just decided not to have this now and just opt out. Maybe in the future it will be something they take up again.”


Posted by Brandon Fountain

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