AAA: Gas prices rise 5 cents

DEARBORN — Drivers throughout the state still are paying a hefty price for their fuel.

Gas prices in Michigan are up 5 cents compared to a week ago, according to AAA. Michigan drivers are now paying an average price of $2.83 per gallon for regular unleaded, which is down 3 cents after setting a new 2019 high of $2.86 per gallon on April 4. This price is 34 cents more than this time last month and about 14 cents more than this time last year.

Motorists are paying an average of $42 for a full 15-gallon tank of gasoline; a discount of $5 from when prices were their highest last May.

“Increasing demand for gasoline and tightening supply have helped to push prices higher this week,” said Adrienne Woodland, spokesperson for AAA. “Prices may fluctuate, but with the summer driving season approaching we will likely see pump prices continue to increase.”

AAA updates fuel price averages daily at


Posted by Brandon Fountain

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