Ospreys make home near Paris Park

Terry Kimble, park manager at Paris Park, looks at the new osprey nesting pole just inside the park. The nest had to be removed from nearby power lines. (Pioneer photo/Tim Rath)

PARIS — Visitors to Mecosta County’s Paris Park will notice some new neighbors enjoying the park’s amenities.

Earlier this month, the nest of two osprey birds was spotted on top of a power line near the parking area of Paris Park. Ospreys, a migrating bird of prey, eats rodents, rabbits, hares, amphibians, other birds and small reptiles.

Consumers Energy helped the Mecosta County Parks Commission with moving the osprey nest to a safer place. The platform on the pole was constructed and donated by the local Cub Scout troop. (Courtesy photo)

Staff at the Mecosta County Parks Commission teamed up with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Division to find a way to get the nest transported to a safer location, said Parks Manager Jeff Abel.

Officials then contacted Consumers Energy to inquire about relocating the nest. A couple days later, Consumers officials installed a new pole near the park’s hatchery building for the osprey to live more comfortably and free from any danger.

A nesting platform was placed atop the new pole. The platform was built and donated by Cub Scout Pack No. 3600. The nest was then transferred from the power line to the new nesting platform by Consumers Energy staff.

Within hours of the relocation effort, the pair of ospreys returned to the nest, as it is a perfect setting for them to get fish from the Muskegon River.

“I hope they will return here every year,” Abel said earlier this month. “They have a really nice home now, and many campers will enjoy seeing them flying around.”

In addition to the new osprey platform, Paris Park offers a variety of amenities such as camping areas, picnic accommodations and playgrounds.

A fish hatchery is located within the park, allowing visitors to view and feed trout. Additionally, the White Pine Trail, which extends from Grand Rapids to Cadillac, runs through the park. A launch site also is available for park visitors to tube, kayak or canoe on the Muskegon River.

For more information about Paris Park and the Mecosta County Parks Commission, visit mecostacountyparks.com or follow the Paris Park page on Facebook.

A pair of ospreys, migrating birds of prey that eat rodents, rabbits, hares, amphibians, other birds and small reptiles, have a new home at Paris Park. (Courtesy photo)


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