Evart doing well at passing camps

Evart’s offense waits its turn during a passing camp last week.

EVART — Passing camps are extremely popular this time of year for area high school football programs, and the Evart Wildcats have been making the most of their opportunities.

The Wildcats played at home last week against Harrison in a passing camp.

“We had 22 total kids (junior varsity and varsity),” coach Pat Craven said. “It felt good to get out and throw the ball around. We put kids in a couple of spots where we’re looking at them and seeing how they react to different situations and work on the timing of some of the new offensive sets we put in.”

Craven said it’s hard to say what his team’s passing vs. rushing ratio will be this season.

It depends on who we’re playing and what their strengths and weaknesses are vs. our strengths and weaknesses. That could change every week.”

Carter Pritchard and Cameron Brasington were quarterbacks for Evart.

Pritchard is coming off an injury from last season.

“He’s coming along,” Craven said. “We’ve been slow and steady with him, not pushing him hard. He’s working hard in the weight room.

“I suspect he’ll be close to 100 percent by the time fall camp opens up.”

Pass defense “looked fine,” against Harrison, Craven said. “We were playing against a full house T offense. Typically the way you defend them in a 7-on-7 isn’t how you defend them in a game. It was good to put our kids in a position where they had to defend the ball.”

Other Evart passing scrimmages were set for earlier this week at Clare and at Eagle Village for a 7-on-7 against Algonac.



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